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Accelerated Renewable Hydrogen investment

The WA Government has announced a $22 million investment to develop Hydrogen Supply and meet a growing demand for clean fuel and create jobs. The strategy aims to boost the State’s hydrogen industry across four areas – export, use in remotely located industries, blending in natural gas networks, and use in fuel cell electric transport vehicles.

This initiative is aimed at meeting the Government’s Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy targets, which will now be brought forward from 2040 to 2030.

As part of the WA Recovery Plan, the accelerated targets and nine studies and projects will boost the State’s renewable hydrogen industry and position WA as a major producer, user, and exporter of renewable hydrogen.

The Government has committed $5.7 million to an Australia-first renewable energy microgrid in the Gascoyne town of Denham, using a new solar power system to produce hydrogen from water. The demonstrator microgrid will test the technology and feasibility of implementing microgrids incorporating hydrogen in regional areas across the State.

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