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Cambridge Condemnation: Council issued with show cause notice

The Cambridge city council has found itself under scrutiny from Local Government Minister David Templeman today after allegations have arisen of poor governance.

“The reason that I issued the show cause notice is because of my suspicion that there are a number of key issues of concern in regards to the good governance of the town of Cambridge,” Mr Templeman said.

“They include issues around workplace safety… relationships and blurring of role an responsibilities between elected members and authorised employees.”

Templeman was quick to stress that this was a very serious matter and that he would reserve his final judgement until all the facts were handed to him by the town of Cambridge.

“It’s something of course I don’t do lightly,” Templeman said.

“The show cause notice now gives the town of Cambridge opportunity within a 21 day period to respond to the concerns that have been raised by my suspicions.

“When I receive any response from the town of Cambridge, I shall then be able to determine any course of action as a result of the 21-day period concluding.”

Suspensions or ‘remedial training’ are just some of the possible consequences put forward by Templeman should he not be satisfied by the town’s response.

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