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Fight for animal rights as sheep ship given all clear

Animal Justice Team and anti-live export advocates made their message heard at Parliament House with a large showing on the steps of Parliament today.

The vocal crowd, holding placards urging passers-by and politicians alike to ‘vote against live export’, at one point lined up from one side of Parliament house to the other, protesting in unison amid the on-going Al Kuwait crisis.

The protest comes after a ruling by the Department of Agriculture that 56,000 sheep will be exported to the middle east on the Al Kuwait vessel despite less than acceptable conditions of animal welfare.

Under new welfare controls, export to the Middle East is banned until September 14, as animals are unable to endure the searing conditions of the gulf states, especially after thousands of sheep died in the Awassi Express disaster of 2017.

Photo Courtesy: James Sparrow

However, despite a last minute effort to veto in the Federal Court this evening by Animals Australia, the Department of Agriculture will still allow the vessel to leave Australian shores.

It is believed that if the ship leaves, as expected on Wednesday, that many of the sheep on board may occur heat stress.

Earlier, Animal Justice Team spokesperson Grant Stewart said the group was disgusted by the decision to allow Australian animals to be sent from Fremantle.

“Australians are sick of deal with the devil we’ve made by sending our animals to suffer the nightmare deaths that await them at the end of these sickening voyages.” Mr Stewart said.

“We know the nauseating voyages followed by the horrific treatment they will receive in these places would not be tolerated if they were on Australian soil, and yet we send them there knowing this.

“We condemn this decision in the strongest terms possible. The vast majority of Australians are vehemently opposed to live export and it’s way past time our politicians showed some respect to the people who vote for them.”

Stewart added: “We do not accept that blood money is more important that the evil suffering we visit upon our fellow Australian animals.”

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  • Just to clarify that the “Animal Justice Team” is in no way affiliated with, connected to, or endorsed or approved by the registered political party, Animal Justice Party (registered nationally and in all states and territories). Also not sure why they are targeting WA State Parliament and, one assumes, the WA Labor Party, over a federal trade issue controlled by the federal Liberal/National coalition government.

    • The Animal Justice Team is an awesome non- political group (although many people who join in the rallies and protests they organise are Animal Justice Party members and vote for Animal Justice Party).
      The AJT is really important in that many people are really frustrated about MANY Animals Rights issues and, through this non political group, they can join in to add their voice to many likeminded citizens at any of AJT’s peaceful rallies and protests. It doesn’t destract from Stop Live Exports as many went from the Parliament protest to the SLE rally that afternoon.
      We went to our State Parliament only because the politicians there represent us here and we wanted them to hear our disgust at the decision to send these sheep. We knew there’d be media there too. We did not say anything anti our State Government and Lisa Baker even came out to say a friendly hello and gave us her support, unlike you seem to be doing here, Katrina.
      We believe that we need as many people and opportunities to speak out against the industries of animal abuse and oppression; if we can get those opportunities within a group which is really peacefully active, then we will join them in their efforts.
      Thank you for everything you do within Stop Live Exports and in the Animal Justice Party, of which I was a founding member in WA. The AJT is here to complement the work done by AJP, not compete against the Party.

  • AJP and AJT are obviously two different organisations . Both share the same goal of liberating animals from oppression and suffering . Community groups like the AJT are vital to keep animal rights in the public spotlight .

  • I dont think it matters who is out there making their voices heard, as long as they are. And wasnt it the WA government who gave it the Wednesday deadline as well. Yet it seems that it’s still in port. In violation of the permission it got, to be gone before now.