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From Warwick to Africa: Aid from the ashes of an aged home

Amidst the demolition of the Bethanie Warwick Aged Care Home, a new lease on life has been found for the furniture and equipment within.

Pregnancy Problem House, Water for Africa, Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren, No Limits and My Little Library are among those who will benefit from a diverse range of items seeking a new home.

Several local churches will also benefit from the donations.

Bethanie Mission Manager David Van Leen hailed the social contribution as a core part of the company’s philosophy.

“Bethanie has a strong social contribution idea thought,” Mr Van Leen said.

“One of the things we do throughout the year as part of our everyday operations, is see how we can give back to the community and we knew that we had extra beds, furniture and so forth.

“At our Warwick site and rather than it becoming landfill, we thought it would be great as a social contribution to a number of charities throughout WA.”

Charities and businesses that have received contributions from Bethanie are diverse in everything from location to demographic.

“They’re all different in their own way,” Mr Van Leen added.

“There’s beds going to Africa, where the hospitals don’t really have much to survive on is as well as furniture for Pregnancy Problem House which is a great help for people who are in crisis.”

“There’s a whole range of things, even My little libraries… putting books into some of these little libraries – it’s an opportunity to give back to the community.”

The contribution will have not just an effect on the local scene either with Mr Van Leen pointing out the global influence of some of the charities helped.

“There are people who are in need all around the world, and there are some great charities in WA that help people not just locally but internationally,” he said.

“It’s always good to have that balance.

“Yes, we have it reasonably good in WA but there are still people in need so giving to them is fantastic – but there are people around the world who are in need as well.”

It’s not just the company itself who are enthusiastic about the re-homing of the site’s furniture and equipment.

Mr Van Leen said current residents are thrilled that the donations are going to be used for good and not ending up on a scrapheap.

“Yeah absolutely, we have a number of village residents living on-site, as well as our residents who have relocated to our Gwelup site,” he said.

“They’re all very excited that the furniture and so forth has gone to new homes and not become landfill. “They’re very excited by that and it’s what they wanted.”

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