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Radar Detectors soon to be outlawed

After banning of laser jammers and electronic scramblers, the State Government is now taking aim at those who use radar detectors.

The Government is moving swiftly to outlaw the use of radar detectors in vehicles by creating new specific offences in the Road Traffic Act.

It was planned, based on advice from the State Solicitors Office to amend regulations, through a Road Traffic Amendment Bill currently before Parliament.

Under the proposed new offence to be introduced into Parliament today, anyone caught driving a vehicle fitted with a radar detector will face a $3,200 fine.

A second or subsequent offence would attract a fine of $4,800.

Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts declared that it was the end of the line for those who tried to dodge the system.

“This is the end of the road for those people who think they can outsmart speed cameras with laser jammers or radar detectors,” she said.

“It’s unfortunate Western Australia is the last jurisdiction in the country to ban these devices, which provide cover for speeding and allow drivers to flout the law and put other road users at risk.”

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