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Revealed: WA’s most inconsiderate road behaviours

While we’ve all had gripes at whether or not people can merge, or the in-car debate if someone has broken the road rules, and RAC survey has revealed just what behaviours are considered by us to be the most inconsiderate.

After surveying 850 members, it was revealed that failure to move left for an emergency vehicle was amongst the worst behaviours considered, at 83 percent.

This was followed closely by tailgating (78%), failure to use an indicator (71%), using high beams when not required (71%) and failing to let another driver in while changing lanes or merging (71%).

RAC General Manager Corporate Affairs Will Golsby said tailgating was not only a common pet peeve but also contributed to traffic jams and increased the risk of having a crash. 

“At least several seconds should always be maintained between vehicles to allow enough time to react if the car in front suddenly changes speed or brakes harshly,” Mr Golsby said.

“Allowing enough space also helps to maintain a consistent traffic flow, reducing delays and cutting travel time.”

Failure to indicate was another habit which provoked frustration for WA road users, with over 70 per cent viewing it as highly inconsiderate.

“Concerningly, more than half of those surveyed regularly witness drivers failing to indicate. This is not only discourteous, but puts you, your passengers and other road users in danger of having a crash,” Mr Golsby said.

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  • What’s worse to me,is slow driving in the right lane, then spending up when someone attempts to pass+slowing sown again.

  • It seems to me that we all need to become psychic so that we will be able to read other drivers minds to know what they will be doing next because a lot of drivers tend to think that indicators are just a decorative accessory! Something that really makes me grind my teeth and pull my hair are drivers who don’t move into the lane they need until the last moment. If they are new to the area ok but otherwise it can be a dangerous manoeuvre!