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Verdict: Bradley Robert Edwards guilty of Glennon, Rimmer murders

Justice Stephen Hall has delivered a historic judgement today finding Bradley Robert Edwards guilty of murdering Ciara Glennon and Jane Rimmer.

However the investigation into the murder of Sarah Spiers remain ungoing with a verdict against Edwards not found.

Edwards wore a blue shirt and a black jacket, quietly shaking his head throughout the hearing and while Justice Hall delivered his judgement.

Jane Rimmer’s sister Lee address the media outside of court, pleased with what had transpired earlier.

“I feel really good actually, at one point I thought it was going to be not guilty but no, we got the result we wanted,” she said.

“It means that I can hopefully get on with the rest of my life without all this stuff.”

Rimmer added: “It means celebration.”

There was a small cheer in the second courtroom – in which the gallery watched the verdict over a video feed – as the verdict was delivered.

Police Comissioner Chris Dawson believed it was an important day for the WA justice system.

“The Claremont killings struck at the heart of our way of life, stretching back almost a quarter of a century,” Mr Dawson said.

“Three innocent young women were killed along with the hopes and dreams they never got to fulfil.

“The justice system has taken its course and Bradley Edwards has now been convicted of killing two of those women, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon.

Dawson did not mince his words in his address post-verdict and praised the strength of the families of the victims.

“These victims and the witnesses must be commended for their courage and their resilience,” he said.

“Bradley Edwards can now be called for what he is. A brutal rapist and a murderer.”

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